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Saulteaux First Nation Portfolio Structure

Chief Kenny Moccasin
Intergovernmental Relations
BATC, FSIN, AFN, Federal / Provincial
Economic Development
CDC, Specific Land Claims
Education, Post-Secondary, SITAG; All Programs;

Velma Night
Health Program
Daycare & Head Start
Justice and Policing
Alcohol & Drug Strategy
Finance / Administration
Governance / Band Custom
Membership & Urban

Dolphus Moccasin
Lands & Resources
Treaty Land Entitlement
Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services
BMA, Cultural, Elders Program
Youth Program

Shane Gopher
Sports & Recreation
Band Store
Special Projects
Community Events

Julius Thomas
Housing Program
Home Ownership Program
Carlton Housing / Urban Housing
Oil & Gas
Public Works / O & M / Roads

Spencer Gopher
Social Development (IA / NCB / ESD / FNJF)
Fire Protection
Millennium Trust Fund
Environment & Sanitation
Employment & Training

* Shared Portfolios



Band Office Staff: Updated September.15, 2016

Public Works - Band Manager~ Linda Okanee

Finance - Shirley Thunder

Finance - Gwen Moccasin

Finance - Marcella Night

BATC Social Assistance Administrator - Sharalyn Gopher

IRA - Joanne Moccasin

Post Sec Coordinator - Wendy Gardypie

Lands Manager - Walter Lewis

Oil and Gas Laison - Greg Moccasin

Housing Coordinator - Harvey Thomas

Housing Youth Intern - Justin Gopher

Receptionist - Shannon Gopher

Janitor - Leroy Moccasin

Clifford Moccasin - Garbage Pick-up

Ernie Moccasin-Grader Operator

Ronald Katcheech

- Maintenance of ditches and roads
- Gravel hauling
- Backhoe operator
- Maintenance and repair of band equipment
- Water delivery             

Contract Work

- Repair of plumbing fixtures
- Maintenance of furnaces
- Door and window repair
- Safety issues, such as landing and steps
- Roof repair
- Maintenance of community buildings
- On call, maintenance emergencies

Harvey Thomas and Gary Moccasin
- Septic pump outs
- Backup Water Treatment Plant Operator