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Saulteaux, Saskatchewan - Health Profile

Vision & Mission

Within the vision outlined in the Council Profile, Saulteaux Health has adopted the following Mission Statement:

"The mission of Saulteaux Health is to promote the health and well-being of Saulteaux membership by providing a holistic approach to health services delivery in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner."


Health Center Staff: Updated September.16, 2016

Health Director - K.Lee Garipy

Receptionist/MTC - Laura Albert

Community Health Representative - Bodiene Dussion

Home Health Aid - Donna Tipewan

Home Care Nurse/RN - Cheryl Robins

Community Health Nurse - Bodiene Dussion

Mental Health Therapist - Bev Bellegarde

Medical Transportation Driver - James Thomas, Sally Gopher

Community Wellness Roland Night

Dental Therapist - Grace Monych

Dental Assistant- Maxine Gopher

CHR - Rachel Moccasin

COHI - Bernie Leboeuf

Janitor - Colleen Gopher


Daycare/Headstart Staff: Updated September.16, 2016

Early Childhood Coordinator - Kayla Yazelle

Early Childhood Educator - Rhoda Thomas, Cheyanna Night