Saulteaux First Nation Portfolio Structure


Chief Kenny Moccasin
Inter Governmental Relations
BATC, AFN, FSIN, Federal / Provincial Government
Economic Development
BATC, CDC, Specific Land Claims, SIGA, IGR, Band Store
All Portfolios

Councillor Curtis Poitras

Oil & Gas

Employment & Training
Social Development
Sports & Recreation (Shared)

Arena & Recreation Centre


Councilor Ricky Moccasin

Education Post Secondary / SITAG

Housing & Public Works (Shared)

Millennium Trust Fund

Fire Protection

Waste Management


Councillor Don Night

Housing & Public Works (Shared)

Carlton Housing

Justice & Policing


Lands & Resources (Shared)


Councillor Rebecca Gopher


Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services

New Prevention Program


Sports & Recreation (Shared)


Councilor Gabriel Moccasin

Lands & Resources (Shared)


Buffalo Project

BATC Investments

Special Projects


Band Office Staff:

Sarah Gopher - Public Works/Band Manager

Sally Moccasin - Governance/ Jordan's Principal Coordinator

Alexis Christensen - Policy & Communication

Tanya Penner - Finance

Lee Gardipy - Health

Miranda Moccasin - Principal

Amanada Sanderson - BATC Social Assistance Administrator

Mary Peechow - IRA/ Reception

Wendy Gardypie - Post Sec Coordinator

Walter Lewis - Lands Manager

Brook Night - Lands Assistant

Greg Moccasin - Oil and Gas Laison

Terrance Harper - Housing & Public Works Coordinator

Diane Moccasin - Housing Receptionist

Blair Bedard - Janitor

Brenen Arcand - Garbage Pick-up

Ronnie Katcheech - Water/Backhoe/Grader Operator

Harvey Thomas and Gary Moccasin

  • Septic pump outs
  • Backup Water Treatment Plant Operator